A low impact development and native species demonstration garden.

In 2017, RiverStone Environmental Solutions Inc. partnered with a number of community organizations to create the garden at 47 Quebec Street.
The garden showcases a new approach to eco-friendly landscaping. It is also an educational property to help raise awareness about the wide variety of environmentally conscious development options.

Low impact development design is a new approach to city, town, and individual property development to increase sustainability. It uses a combination of natural and engineered elements to reduce the impact of development on the environment. There are many components to low impact development including; storm water management, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, sustainable forestry and local sourcing of material. The Garden showcases a number of these options!

The gardens on the property are planted with native species that are a great example of what can be done on your own property to help increase biodiversity in your own backyard. Gardening with native plants has numerous benefits – first and foremost, they are adapted to the environmental growing conditions of the region. Additionally, they require less water, are low maintenance, cost-effective, and provide excellent habitat for local species (including pollinators!). Need more convincing? Stop by the garden and take a look for yourself! The garden is beginning to bloom and there are visitors wandering through the garden daily to check out the latest blooms.

Thank you to community partners: Muskoka Conservancy, Northway Gardeners, Evergreen, Fowler Construction, Muskoka Community Foundation and Community Foundations of Canada for making this project possible.

For more information, check out The Corner Garden website.