We are natural environment consultants, experienced in assessing the significance of landscape features, including but not limited to lakes, watercourses, wetlands, grasslands, and forests. We provide a wide range of ecological consulting services for public and private sector clients. Our primary goal is to evaluate and manage environmental risk to achieve practical solutions.

Environmental Planning & Development

RiverStone understands the increasing emphasis placed on protecting the natural environment. Our staff are experienced in reviewing projects in the context of the ever evolving environmental policy and legislation that govern land use change and direct development in a sustainable way. Click for more information on Environmental Planning & Development in Ontario.

Water Quality, Ecological & Construction Monitoring

Proper study design by appropriately qualified personnel is essential in environmental research and ecological or construction monitoring programs. RiverStone has extensive experience designing both detailed research studies and more simplified construction monitoring programs. No matter what the scale our studies are designed to be practical and defensible, ranging from small, volunteer-based research projects to detailed studies of water chemistry, benthic invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and breeding birds. Click for more information concerning Ontario Water Quality and Ecological Monitoring

Natural Heritage Evaluation & Environmental Assessment

Ecological consultants are often among the first professionals to assess a property prior to development. RiverStone has a comprehensive
understanding of the environmental data that is required and the policy and legislative elements that are critical to the success of a project. Click for more information on Natural Heritage Evaluation & Assessment

Scientific Expertise & Education

RiverStone’s ecologists have a diverse range of academic and applied skills. We remain current by following recent scientific literature and environmental legislation. Our ecologists have a comprehensive knowledge base for provision of peer-review services and expert testimony at Ontario Municipal Board hearings. We provide specialized expertise relating to Ontario’s Species and Risk and value any opportunity to provide education based services. Click here for more information on Scientific Expertise & Education

Case Studies

At RiverStone Environmental Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients attain their goals while ensuring protection for the natural environment.
Our ecological consulting services have provided cost-effective and viable resolutions for public and private sector customers throughout Ontario. The following case studies illustrate how we have worked with our clients to analyze their challenges and assist them in creating a plan that realizes their objectives.

Our Mission at Riverstone Environmental

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COVID-19 Operations Update

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Operations during COVID-19: RiverStone Environmental Solutions Inc. remains open and active although with modified operations and office restrictions..

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