Natural Heritage Evaluation & Assessment

Ecological consultants are often among the first professionals to assess a property prior to development. RiverStone has a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and planning elements that are critical to the success of a project. With this understanding, we ensure that the necessary studies are conducted within appropriate timeframes, avoiding costly time delays.

Biological Inventories & Surveys

RiverStone’s terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic ecologists provide a full range of ecological services from general wildlife surveys to detailed inventories that assess the significance of natural features and their associated ecological function. We have extensive experience conducting radiotelemetry studies on a variety of species including snakes, turtles, and fish.

Our Products and Services

  • Fisheries and Species at Risk Surveys
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Habitat Inventories
  • Tree Surveys and Woodland Assessments
  • Tree Inventories and Health Assessments
  • Wetland Evaluations — Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES)
  • Boat and Backpack Electrofishing
  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC)

Natural Environment Evaluations for Pits & Quarries / Natural Heritage Assessments for Renewable Energy Projects

RiverStone ecologists are qualified to complete the aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial components of Level 1 and Level 2 Natural Environment Evaluations for applications for new and expanding pits and quarries. Additionally, we have the expertise necessary to conduct Natural Heritage and Water Assessments required as part of the Renewable Energy Approvals procedure.

Our Products and Services

  • Natural Environment Evaluations (Levels 1 and 2, Aggregate Resources Act)
  • Natural Heritage and Water Assessments for Renewable Energy Approvals (Ontario Regulation 359/09)
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