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What is a site evaluation report?

A site evaluation is somewhat different than a Natural Heritage Evaluation or Environmental Impact Study. These reports address property size, steep slopes, and other abiotic conditions present. These studies involve one of our staff visiting the site of a proposed development project and assessing any environmental considerations specific to that site that will need to be incorporated into the development of a site plan.

What types of considerations are typically included in a site evaluation report?

These reports often relate to the physical characteristics of the property. For instance, if there are areas of steep slopes, a gully/watercourse, or an undersized lot of record, our ecologists can provide the information necessary to determine how the development can be completed in the best way possible with respect to the physical constraints and natural environment. For example, an area of steep slopes may require that the best location for a septic system is identified in addition to considerations around soil stability and erosion control. Our report will include recommendations and steps to mitigate issues related to the environmental constraints. An example of mitigation on a shoreline with steep slopes might include installation of stairs or an inclinator, as opposed to clearing a path that could destabilize the slope and increase runoff and erosion issues.
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Can you help me draw up a site plan?

Of course! Following field work and information collecting, our staff can do the site plan drawing.

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