Rain barrel at the Corner Garden at 47 Quebec Street in Bracebridge.

Start conserving water on your property with a rain barrel! Water is a valuable resource that is often taken for granted. Fresh, clean water is not a limitless resource and it's important that everyone takes steps to conserve this precious resource.

In addition to the benefits rain barrels provide to help conserve water, they also provide a much healthier water source for your gardens and lawn than tap water. Rain water is highly oxygenated and with no salts, chemicals or other compounds that are found in tap water; making it a much better water source for the natural environment.

Collecting rain water using a rain barrel can help to reduce pollution by limiting the amount of runoff that will enter the local storm water management system. When it rains, water picks up fertilizers, oil, gasoline and other contaminants and eventually it needs to be treated. By storing water on your property you can hep reduce water pollution.

Lastly, collecting rain water with a rain barrel is cost effective. When using a rain barrel, the average gardener can save approximately 5000 litres of water during the growing season!

Annually in Muskoka, the District Municipality of Muskoka, hosts a rain barrel program where landowners can purchase a rain barrel for a discounted cost. Ordering for 2019 is now available! The Corner Garden participated in this program in 2017, and we've added even more to the property to help manage stormwater runoff and make sure the gardens are receiving the nutrients they need to thrive! Get yours today!

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