Aquatic Science Consultant

Bev has worked in aquatic science for 40 years, most of these at the Dorset Environmental Science Centre where the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems are studied. The Dorset Centre conducts research on the impacts of eutrophication, climate change, acid rain, invasive species and shoreline development on the water quality and aquatic ecosystems of lakes throughout Ontario. In later years, he was the coordinator of the Lake Partner Program which has given him first hand experience with hundreds of Ontario Lakes. Over the years, he was involved with the collection and interpretation of data for many projects involving Ontario’s largest lakes including Lake of the Woods, Lake Nipissing, Lake Simcoe and the Kawartha Lakes.

Since retiring from the MOECC he continues to consult in aquatic science investigating the effects of development on the concentrations of nutrients in lakes (Lake Capacity), and the cascading effects of changes in nutrient status on algal blooms, cold water fish habitat and ecosystem integrity. Recent projects involve the synthesis of multiple datasets to deliver state of the resource reporting on complex aquatic ecosystems.


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